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  Since its establishment in 2013, the Taiwan Marine Education Center has been given the task of enhancing the public awareness of ocean and the public literacy of ocean. Aimed at training of marine professionals and the future direction, we have held marine international conferences and marine professional training forums for five consecutive years since 2014. Experts, scholars and practitioners in government, industry, education and research related to marine at home and abroad have been invited to communicate and discuss to provide references for future reform of high-quality talents training. These conferences and forums have gradually become important annual events of domestic marine education. The important achievements of annual marine professional training forums are as follows:




Industries or issues for Professional cultivation.



Review and prospect of marine education

1. Shipping.

2. Aquatic product process.

3. Offshore wind power.

4. Fishing and breeding.

5. Marine leisure.



Internationalization of marine education.

1. Shipping

2. Marine technology and engineering

3. Fisheries

4. Marine education

5. Marine leisure.


Forum and conference

Marine literacy and development of international marine education community.

1. Shipping 

2. Marine culture and creation

3. Fisheries. 



The development of marine leisure tourism education
and the trend of industry-university cooperation.

1. Yacht industry.

2. Cruise ship industry

3. Marine sports and leisure.


Forum and conference

Co-construction of marine education development system

1. Establishing a marine education promotion structure.

2. Promoting the development of informal marine education system via partnership.

3. Inspiring interdisciplinary educators to be engaged in marine education.

4. The educational value and application of marine protected areas (MPA).

5. Cultivating the professionalism of marine educators.



Training and education of marine law and resources management professionals

1. The meaning and practice of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

2. Marine affairs management and resource conservation.

3. Sharing of experience on marine education practice.